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Ewan Allinson

'Top of the World', Derbyshire.

“Ewan is an example of the type of leader we increasingly need; he has learnt how to take different approaches in order to lead in a complex world.” - Alice Kershaw It's (not) Complicated: Leading in a Complex World



Ewan Allinson BA(Oxon) MSc Master Craftsman was vice-chair of the £3 million Heart of Teesdale Landscape Partnership from 2011-2016. He developed its CULTURAL LANDSCAPE approach, securing high levels of community engagement, prompting HLF to shortlist the project for a National Lottery award. He programmed and chaired its influential symposium Artists, Farmers and Philosophers.

Ewan then founded the successful £1.8million Northern Heartlands Great Place Scheme. This project has extended the cultural landscape approach over a wider area of County Durham and has through arts activities, boosted local community engagement with policy. Ewan was lead artist for the flagship project Hefted to Hill which has brought the voices of hill farmers into policy circles.

Ewan sits on the steering group of The Uplands Alliance, and of AALERT4DM. He is co-author of Valuing the Arts and Arts Research. He is currently doing a part-time PhD at the University of Dundee, uniting philosophy, art and geography to better value hill farmers’ knowledge and expertise within landscape decision-making processes.

'Banpo Fish', Shanghai.
'Hermit's Cell', Cernunnos.


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