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Dr Rowan O'Neill

Gorsafoedd yr Albion / Stations of the Albion, Aberteifi / Cardigan, Pasg / Easter 2019. Photo by Jacob Whittaker.

I am an artist, writer and performance maker from Felinwynt, Ceredigion, West Wales. My research and creative practice represents a continuing investigation of language, identity, place and belonging, inspired by a rural agricultural up-bringing in a predominantly Welsh speaking community. My work often uses song and autobiographical narratives as the starting point for public events and community performances exploring migration, genealogical time and the interconnectedness of people and place.

Between 2009 and 2013 I completed my Doctoral study 'Croesi’r Bar: Archwilio Hunaniaeth y Mewnfudwr Prydeinig trwy gyfrwng Archif yr Artist Cliff McLucas' at Aberystwyth University. This thesis written in Welsh, my second language, offered a comparative study of my own artistic practice and that found in the archive of artist, theatre director and deep map maker Cliff McLucas. The work explored the experience of encountering language in relation to place from the persepective of the ‘incomer’ and the child of ‘incomers’ and the importance of language to the establishment of sustainable life practices.

My work has continued to be informed by aspects of McLucas’ deep mapping methodology through the residencies and community projects I have undertaken since.

Rendez-vous Particulière: Potatoes from Egypt, St Ouen, Jersey, May 2019. Photo by Gatis Walters.


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