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Lydia Halcrow

'Ground Texture Recordings', earth pigment Bideford Black on Aluminium. Image credit John Taylor, Bath Spa University.

Lydia Halcrow’s artistic research focuses on collaborative and experimental embodied processes that make with a place to form matter maps that re-map a landscape in the context of the unfolding climate crisis. Her practice-based PhD titled ‘a thousand intertwinings: an exploration of embodied artistic processes made in collaboration with an estuarine landscape and its vibrant matter’ explored slow walking, the anarchive and counter-cartographies as approaches to tune into the materiality of a coastal place.

Her body of work forges material/textural/temporal records of the landscape through embodied processes exploring vibrant entangled traces between human and more-than-human worlds. The resulting work is often fragile and in flux, combining earth pigments, found objects, and other material residues and traces into mixed media works that offer alternative stories from and with(in) a place. She is an Associate Lecturer at Bath Spa University and a tutor for the Open College of Arts Fine Art and Drawing degree pathways. Her work has been exhibited widely in the UK and internationally.

Instagram @lydiahalcrow

'matter maps' (installation image), Michael Pennie Gallery, October 2021. Image credit John Taylor, Bath Spa University.

'Ground Texture Recordings - Scaling Up'. Enlarged etching on Fabriano. Image credit John Taylor, Bath Spa University.


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