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Dr Susie Campbell

‘The Sleeping Place’, Guillemot Press, 2023.

Dr Susie Campbell makes and publishes text-based poetry, as well as visual, sound, and textile poetry. Her work has appeared in various exhibitions, catalogues and anthologies, including a series of avant-garde VisPo (visual poetry) exhibitions 2017-2019 at the Museum of Futures, Surbiton, London, and at ‘Text-Isles’ exhibition of textile poetry in 2021, Art Park Galley, Rhodes, Greece. She was poet-in-residence for the Oxford Brookes/Oxford University 2017-18 Mellon-Sawyer series: Post-War (Commemoration, Reconstruction, Reconciliation), and her resulting book Tenter (2020) featured as ‘Book at Lunchtime’, TORCH series (Oxford University Research Centre in the Humanities) in 2020. She holds a practice-based poetry PhD at Oxford Brookes. Her research focuses on space, place, and language, with reference to the experimental poetics of Gertrude Stein. Her poetry engages subversively with the problematic histories and geographies of her own locality in the southeast of England, experimenting with re-stagings of archive, archaeology, and so-called ‘Heritage’ sites’. Her place-based creative enquiry involves recalibrating the role of writing’s sensory qualities, within activities of meaning-making (and place-making), in order to restore language’s involvement with the body and the material world.

She has been published widely in UK and international poetry journals, including ‘Poetry Review’, ‘Long Poem Magazine’, ‘Shearsman’, ‘Axon’, ‘Cordite’, ‘3:AM’, ‘Stride’ and ‘Queen Mob’s Teahouse’. Her book-length publications include I return to you (Sampson Low, 2019), Tenter (Guillemot Press, 2020), Enclosures (Osmosis Press, 2021) and The Sleeping Place (Guillemot Press, 2023). Tenter and The Sleeping Place are collaborations with artist/archaeologist Rose Ferraby, whose artwork forms an intrinsic part of both books. A sound poetry collaboration, ‘Echolocation’, made with poet Chris Kerr was published by Hem Press Imprint ‘Angry Starlings’ in 2023.

‘Susie Campbell experimenting with fabric, thread and letter stamps’, Astra Papachristodoulou, 2021.

‘Tenter’, Guillemot Press, 2020.


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