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Arthur Watson, PPRSA

'An Crannghal', 2006, Arthur Watson and Will Maclean

Born in Aberdeen, and, like Lord Byron, educated at Aberdeen Grammar School where the study of Latin, local history and art seemed to have equal prominence. Recurring holiday work on upland farms, lowland berryfields, and mountainous sporting estates, was balanced with a growing consciousness of a parallel community of settled travellers—first as neighbours, and later as informants and role models. All of these established the strands of investigation which continued to drive my practice and confirm its location in locality.

Extended print series, sculptural installations and sung performances are paired back or added to, contextually underpinned or not, painstakingly honed or left for the elements to change. Only permanently sited works-- in Skye, Lewis, or on CairnGorm-- or in collections, are safe from further modification. Work on digitising, curating, publishing, and housing Richard Demarco’s archive is ongoing, as is Arkival, a portal into my own archive within the Royal Scottish Academy. The next two years will see the capture of aspects of an engagement with traditional song, both building on earlier work in Japan and Chicago through Diablerie and Hyperstition or as continuous (unconscious) vocal streams.

'An Crannghal', 2006, Arthur Watson and Will Maclean, Cast bronze, from bound willow patterns, and tools used in its construction, on a granite base, permanently sited at Sabhalmor Ostaig, the Gaelic College within the University of the Highlands and Islands, Isle of Skye, Scotland.
'Reading a Landscape', 2007, Arthur Watson, Permanent Installation view of prints and sculptural frame with lettering, at the Cairngorm Funicular Station, near Aviemore, Scotland.


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