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Dr Laura Donkers

'Land Radius', Laura Donkers, 2014, landscape drawing North Uist.

Laura Donkers - ecological artist

I'm an ecological arts professional specialising in strategic community engagement and behaviour change projects. My work promotes eco-mindfulness, mutuality, and kinship, to connect humans with the environment via the social context.

As a practice-led research artist with an expanded drawing practice, I get to know environments and communities through field research methods such as drawing, field-walking, and digital recording. I develop experiential learning around nature and culture, and how it feels to be in touch with environment, community, and self. I research, design and lead cultural programmes that encourage the public to ‘get out into nature', seeking to transform public perception and connection with ecology through outdoor social arts projects. Collaborations with local communities and stakeholders promote ecological responsibility and sustainability through community and schools’ programming.

I completed my PhD in January 2020, and spend time working between the Scottish Hebridean island of Uist, and in Aotearoa/New Zealand.


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