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Lindsey Colbourne (Heledd Wen)

Digging Down, Nant Peris – archaeological dig, installation, performance and food. With Sam Frankie Fox, Chris Dugrenier, Gurt Vos and National Theatre Wales, 2015.

Rooted in North Wales, my multi-disciplinary artistic practice creates collaborative and participative inquiries that activate spaces of encounter, forging new connections and working with different ways of knowing around a ‘site’ - a physical location, field of knowledge, conflict or cultural debate. 

My work aims to open up new ways of seeing and experiencing our ‘inter-being-ness’ within the world: Rather than starting with a fixed view-point or outcome, I try to begin from a point of ‘un-knowing’ working with collaborators and participants to discover new human and more-than-human entanglements. To facilitate these spaces, I may use installation, video, photography, sound, text, drawing, walking, dialogue, websites, blogs, events or performance … and sometimes the work stays in the process, living in the dialogue and relationships it creates, with no formal ‘outcome’ at all.

As well as my artistic practice, I have 30 years’ experience of facilitation, conflict resolution and dialogue. I use this experience within my art practice : almost always starting with research, and a core, multi-disciplinary collaboration which builds wider engagement with the project, so the project becomes an investigation that involves as many different people - and perspectives - as possible.

O Fa’ma i Fa’ma: A People’s Map of Llandudno. GRRRLS in the Garej Hanes Llanddynes mini-monument workshop and procession. With Wanda Zyborska and Lisa Hudson, 2018.

Bwystori Bethesda: Community mapping and performance of all beings with 1km. With Emily Meilleur, Sioned Eleri Roberts and Katherine Betteridge, 2019.


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