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Louise Ritchie, PPSSA

'Storecupboard' - Tatha Gallery, Newport. 2020. Acrylic, waterless lithography & screen print on perspex. Approx. 1x1x3m.

Louise Ritchie is an artist making work that explores hybridity and materiality within the properties of objects, and the complex making processes and concepts employed by artists within the production of artworks. Louise is researching the artistic compulsion to exploit materialities through a reflexive making investigation bringing attention to the fundamental nature of the artistic-compulsion; the itch that must be scratched as we work with materials to signify and examine the world we experience. In exploring what it is like for an ‘artist to be an artist’, she reframes its importance to how we interpret and record our lived-experiences, contributing to the ways in which artist-researchers innovate art-praxes to generate alternative forms of knowledge that exist simultaneously as the research, the analytical thinking and the outcome.

Louise is a BA (Hons) Fine Art and MFA Art & Humanities Graduate of DJCAD, University of Dundee and a lecturer in Contemporary Art Practice at City of Glasgow College/UWS. Louise is also a Past-President of the Society of Scottish Artists and is currently undertaking a practice-led PhD at DJCAD/UoD.

Instagram @louiseritchiegram

'Contingency'. Bronze cast. Approx. 60x42x0.5cm.

'This Exhibition Has Been Cancelled' - Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow. Gold foil. Approx. 15x2m.

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