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Professor Virginia (Gini) Lee

Installation image from the 'Gardening for Untold Ecologies project', Gini Lee, 2006.

Professor Virginia (Gini) Lee is a landscape architect and interior designer, and currently an adjunct academic with RMIT, Universities of Melbourne and of Adelaide. She was the Elisabeth Murdoch Chair of Landscape Architecture at the University of Melbourne from July 2011- 2020. Prior to this she was the Professor of Landscape Architecture at Queensland University of Technology (2008-2011) and Head of School at the University of South Australia (1999-2004), moving to academia after many years in Landscape Architecture and Interior Design practice and consultancy based from her Melbourne studio.

Her academic focus is cultural and critical landscape architecture and spatial interior design, particularly in landscape design studio and theory that engages with the curation and postproduction of complex landscapes. Her PhD, ‘The Intention to Notice: the collection, the tour and ordinary landscapes’ (2006), investigated ways in which designed landscapes are incorporated into the cultural understandings of individuals and communities. Focusing on the arid environments of Australia, her multidisciplinary research into the water landscapes of remote territories contributes to the scientific, cultural and indigenous understanding and management strategies for fragile landscapes. Her recent landscape curation practice is an experiment with Deep Mapping methods to investigate remote rural landscapes of Australia.

'Lake Kati Thanda Lake Eyre, with a little local water', Gini Lee, 2018. Photo: Gini Lee
The ‘Stony Rises’ and ancient eel country, with dry stone wall by later settlers who farmed in other ways. Photo: Gini Lee.


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